It’s a Great, Big (Toddler’s) World

I played with that yesterday, so it is mine.

I looked at that a few minutes ago, so it is definitely mine.

Everything here, all the things…yep, mine.

I want that; no, wait! I want THAT.

NOOOOO, why did you give me that?! I wanted this!

That food you’re trying to eat, mommy…yep, that’s mine.

Oh, you wanted to pee in silence? No way, mommy! Here I am. Hi! Heyyyy there. Helloooo.

Hold me, mommy.

Carry me, mommy.

Faster, mommy!

Wait a minute, are you cleaning up my toys?

Must. Dump. All. The. Toys. (And then repeat.)

I’m going to knock that over, and you know it.

Must. Unravel. All. The. Toilet. Paper.

Why are you even trying to clean up my toys again?

Dinner? What dinner? Is it too much to ask to get a cookie in this place?!

You know I’m going to keep asking for a cookie.

I’m going to hug you and flash you a cute smile until you give me a cookie.

We are watching Thomas the Train again tonight, so don’t even try to turn on your show.


Goodnight, mommy and daddy. I wuv you. (And I’m going to accidentally kick you multiple times while we are all sleeping.)


Author: Andee

Mommy, Indianapolis Moms Blog writer, CrossFit junkie and former English teacher

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