Thankful for the Cubs…and Crock Pots?

Today almost every single post on my Facebook newsfeed was about the Cubs.

No political rants, no traffic complaints, no gripes about jobs, no trash talk about exes.

It was almost 100% “Go Cubbies!” and “Fly the W!”

The best post I saw was from a high school friend who lives in Chicago; he was guessing/”fearing” that his dentist might be hungover this morning for his appointment. Tee hee.

Anyway, I do not think I have ever witnessed such happiness and excitement like that on social media. Such unity! Although I know it will probably not last, especially with the election so close, it was nice to see so much positivity temporarily flooding the newsfeed.

November is notorious for being the month where people tend to express more positivity and post what they are thankful for each day…unless it is election year, where people are understandably crazed about the candidates.

In past years, I used to get annoyed because by day 21 of the month, I literally saw comments on Facebook like, “I am thankful for my crock pot.”


I mean, I like my crock pot, too, but do we really need to publicly declare for the entire month what we are thankful for, even if it includes cookware?

Well, maybe so. If that’s what makes people happy, and they want to post that on THEIR page, then good for them!

Ultimately, I think it is just important for everyone to remind themselves that, as cliché as it sounds, a positive attitude truly is a powerful thing.

How individuals communicate and respond to situations definitely has a direct effect on themselves, as well as the people around them. Some people can be considered a cancer, always spouting out nasty remarks or spreading negativity.

Lately, I have tried to start off each day by reading an inspirational quote. You know, the ones written across the picture perfect background of the sky, a beach, a mountain or some beautiful shit like that.

And you know what?

It has actually worked. Those somewhat cheesy, little delectable words of encouragement DO kind of help.

By placing my mind in a positive place at the start of my day, it allows me to sift through any random, negative occurrences a *little* better.

Like when my cutie patootie toddler jumps on me and bites my cheek, claiming it’s a kiss; I could be mad that my cheek hurts, but I tell myself he was really just trying to plant a big old smooch, and apparently his teeth got in the way.

Or, when I encounter four red lights during what is supposed to be a 5-minute commute, I try not to be too annoyed or let it put me in a bad mood for the entire day (C’mon though…FOUR red lights? Wtf, Castleton?!).

Instead, I try to be grateful for an extra few minutes of my free Sirius Radio subscription. Not to mention, I also secretly hope the sweet, sweet sounds of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” will bust through my car speakers once again.

But, I digress.

Overall, a positive mindset just makes individuals feel better. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (yes, while reading that please picture Uncle Eddie’s voice in Christmas Vacation).

A positive attitude probably makes them look better, too…no offense. (I am pretty sure I have an ugly “resting bitch face,” so I try to avoid that for the good of all around me.)

It is normal to be upset at times, and there’s not necessarily a specific time limit for feelings of hurt or anger to expire. Yet, if you decide you are pissed off and then carry that with you ALL the time, it is absolutely toxic.

The other day, with my CrossFit buddies, part of our workout was doing a mile run while carrying a 14-pound medicine ball. I am pretty sure that in the past I would have possibly been swearing and/or questioning my sanity as I ran along trying to find a comfortable spot for that big old medicine ball.

Yet, this time, I could not help but think about how lucky my friends and I were that we could do something (crazy) like this. Maybe it was the nice weather, or a recent adjustment of my mindset…but I really enjoyed it. I realized we were blessed with good health, motivation and determination to do great things that made us feel better.

I was reminded that we cannot take our blessings for granted; there are many people out there who are injured, paralyzed, limbless, etc., that might love to do any type of physical activity at all.

Ultimately, it is important to drown out negativity as much as possible and focus on the many sources of happiness that exist in life. And not just in November.

Now, I apologize in advance that I cannot promise I won’t make a silly comment if I ever see something like “I am thankful for my crock pot” on my newsfeed again. The goofball in me simply cannot resist.

But, I do promise I won’t be a cancer to those around me. I think it’s a fair tradeoff.


Author: Andee

Mommy, Indianapolis Moms Blog writer, CrossFit junkie and former English teacher

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