Outside the Bubble

Yesterday afternoon my toddler asked me, “Are you stressed, Mommy?”

Before I could answer him, he quickly turned to my dog and sharply scolded him, saying, “Mojo, don’t stress out our mommy.”

Lately I have been really trying to push aside the negative moments and not let them overtake my whole day. It kind of works.

Yet, I guess I wasn’t hiding it very well yesterday; I was stressed. It was a long day.

My family and I had been battling a pestering cold all week.

I had accidentally sprayed protein shake on my car, and it just wouldn’t come off all the way. Mental note: Make sure the lid is snapped shut, then shake.

Kohl’s shipped a second damaged gift order to my house. It was supposed to be the replacement order for the first damaged items they sent. Sigh.

My dog, who refuses to eat dog food, had literally created his own shit show in the house when we were out getting cold medicine.

My adorable son, who thank goodness has been doing a good job of learning how to use the potty, had also gone #2…on the living room floor. And he was so proud to show me how his little trains and motorcycles could jump over the poo.

“See, mommy?!” he boasted.

I think I was catatonic. And trying not to lose my shit.

Yet, that comment my toddler made to our dog really made me laugh.

I realized I needed to relax; things could be worse.

I could be stuck at a Pure Romance party without any alcohol. (True story: A few years back I went to a friend’s bachelorette party, and when we all arrived, the hostess announced there would be a “special” guest. Then, poof! This Pure Romance rep showed up with three big cases of Lord knows what, all sorts of gadgets and devices that light up. This woman had an arsenal of dildos, and we were all sitting there, sober…and stuck. Totally brutal.)

But, I digress, and understand there are more serious issues out there.

Things really could be worse.

This is such a crazy, hectic time of year, so it’s good to take a minute and remind ourselves that most of us are pretty lucky.

I cried this morning on the way to pick up my son from preschool.

So, this isn’t necessarily weird.

Keep in mind that crying can happen often and at any time for a woman; it’s inevitable and occurs both randomly or planned, usually leaving everyone around in a defenseless and awkward state.

Anyway, what sparked this round of tears was the older woman standing by the turn lane for the interstate. The cardboard sign she was holding mentioned how she was hungry and homeless; she would appreciate some help.

Now, I have been warned about people posing as homeless so they can get quick money without working, or so they can go buy alcohol or whatever.

Yet, it was absolutely freezing, and I felt so bad for her as the wind blew and snowflakes came down, even if she was faking.

All I had was a dollar. One stinking dollar, left over from the cash I just spent minutes ago on a pedicure.

The woman graciously accepted my dollar as well as my apology for not having more to give.

I felt guilty; here I was with majestic plum on my freshly-trimmed toes, and here she was, trembling, hungry and without a home.

Granted, I really needed that pedicure, as evidenced by the lady who did my toes looking frustrated and sporadically muttering words in Asian under her breath.

However, I was reminded how lucky I am that I can do something like that once in a while.

I continue to realize it is important to be mindful of what is going on outside of our own bubbles/lives; there are so many people out there struggling, and not just financially.

Now, if that lady was a scammer after all, she sure was convincing, and I hope she finds something really awesome at the Dollar Tree. Happy Holidays!


Author: Andee

Mommy, Indianapolis Moms Blog writer, CrossFit junkie and former English teacher

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